1500R (cod. 828080)


This remote display is combinable with models 1500 – 1510 – 1520 – 1530 and interacts with them by means of function keys and alphanumeric keys.
It is connectable to the weight indicator by means of a starbus cable or via radio by means of a transmitter/receiver unit.
It is used in the tractor cabin or on telescopic machines for the loading of components.
Numerical backlit LCD for weight and for recipe/ingredient number;
additional alpha-numerical backlit LCD for help messages and names of recipes, ingredients and unloading groups;
display announcers indicating the present operation;
function keys for a quick recall of operations;
alphanumerical keyboard for an easy entry of values and names;
menu and messages available in different languages.


– Power supply: 12/24 Volts 0,45 Amp
– Working temperature -10°C / +40°C
– StarBUS connector