1510-1530 (cod. 822460/822470)

It can be used on the following systems:

– trailed
– self-propelled
– static mixers
– platforms/silos
– trucks
– other systems with load cells.

Main characteristics:

– Numerical backlit LED for weight and for recipe/ingredient number
– Additional alphanumerical backlit LCD for help messages and names of recipes, ingredients and unloading groups
– Display announcers indicating the present operation
– Function keys for a quick recall of operations
– Alphanumerical keyboard for an easy entry of values and names
– Wide memory for 20 recipes, 20 ingredients, 10 unloading groups (1510)
Wide memory for 99 recipes, 20 ingredients, 10 unloading groups (1530)
– Name list for recipes, components and unloading groups
– Menu and messages available in different languages
– Possibility to print the total duration of loading/unloading operations
– Possibility to reprint the last operation automatically or on demand
– Possibility to connect several peripherals to the serial protocol StarBUS output