Simple – Precise – Cheap

The indicator mod. 230 comes from Perin Weighmaster’s experience in proposing reliable and easy weighing solutions. The user can decide whether he wants to work with partial weighings, with a single alarm for loading/unloading or with a sequence of 99 alarm points programmable for loading/unloading. This sequence is easy to set (by means of a knob which can be turned and pressed), it does not require complicated programming procedures. For its practicality, this indicator can be applied onto trailed mixer wagons as well as onto self-propelled mixers. The indicator is provided with automatic and manual tests which indicate the battery voltage, a short circuit on the alarm output, damaged cables/sensors.


Power supply 12/24 Volts 0,3 Amp
Backlit LCD with 5 digits h 54 mm for the weight value and 2 digits h 14 mm for loading/unloading steps
Working temperature: -20 / +40°C
Case: ABS hermetic box
99 programmable alarm points
Announcers: total/net, tare, setup, program, alarm, execut, load, auto, step, kg/lb
Pre-alarm and alarm for each loading/unloading
Tare, calibration, increment and battery test by means of knob
MIL type connectors for power supply and load cells
StarBUS connector (extra) to work with remote display both by cable and wireless
Associable remote displays:
LCD REM 54 numeric black digits h 54 mm LED REM 57 numeric red digits h 57 mm

Shows tutorial: