700 (cod. 822700)

It can be used on the following systems:

– trailed, self-propelled,static mixers
– platforms/silos
– trucks
– other systems with load cells

Main characteristics:

– Numerical backlit LCD for weight and for recipe/ingredient number
– Wide memory for 20 recipes of 20 ingredients each (programmable in total values or per animal)
– Storage memory
– Display announcers indicating the present operation
– Function keys for a quick recall of operations
– Very good visibility from a distance
– ABS watertight box
– Possibility to connect remote displays to the protocol StarBUS output (if present)
– Associable remote displays:
LCD REM/40A numeric black digits h 40 mm
LED REM/40B numeric red digits h 40 mm
LED REM 57 numeric red digits h 57 mm