AutoCut Pro (cod. 502100)


This device allows the synchronized control of insertion and removal of hydraulic knives in vertical mixing wagons, in order to optimize the times and quality of the mixture distributed to the cattle.
This instrument can be placed in the cabin of the tractor or self-propelled machine thanks to its small dimensions and to its easy installation.
The use is simplified by the fact that the insertion and removal times are directly set by means of knobs with scale, without the necessity of complicated programming procedures by keys. The user is also helped in the comprehension of the working cycle by the warning lights which mark the stages of connection and disconnection of knives.
An important novelty, in comparison with the previous model, is the addition of a new potentiometer which allows to set the working time of the knives insertion/removal cycle (from 1 to 60 minutes).
The kit is supplied with cables and connectors necessary for the connection to the power supply source and to the electrovalves.


– voltage 12V
– outgoing current 12V – 6 Amp max
– cable length 4,5 mt
– working temperature -20/+40°C
– ABS box

– keys:
knives connection
knives disconnection
cycle start

– regulation knobs:
TIME IN – entrance time (5 ~ 200 sec)
TIME OUT – exit time (5 ~ 200 sec.)
TIME AUTO – cycle time (1 ~ 60 minutes)